We often look at people of high positions or prominent obvious roles as having much influence and confidence. We look at people on stage and think that they must be very confident of themselves. Can I take a moment to share with you my story?

I grew up in the public eye. My dad was and is still a pastor. And as every Pastor’s kid know, being a PK (Pastor’s Kid) means being pushed onto the stage at an early age in the attempt to ‘train’ the kid (that’s what they all say). So I was on stage pretty much at every Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc since I was 6! And I was a shy little girl. I wasn’t the one that loved all the attention from the adults! But I followed along because being in a performance meant new dresses! And my dad was very particular that his kids should be the best dressed in church!

And so I sang and eventually joined the worship team at the age of 14, playing keys. Singing and playing, being on stage was part and parcel of my life. Yet every time I went on it, I would be so nervous and did not know how to enjoy it. It was only when I matured in the Word and knowledge of God who made me, what gifts He’s put within me and the purpose of it, that I begin to embrace it and grow in confidence. Confidence is not position. It does not magically come when you are promoted or given a prominent role to play. It is a quality that needs to be worked on.

I found myself growing in confidence when I first embraced my life, my call and my purpose. And my confidence grew more when I stopped wishing I had a different life and call. It tremendously grew when I stopped comparing myself to others. As long as you’re going to compare yourself with others, you’re not going to walk in confidence and influence.

Your life might seem insignificant to you, but you carry an influence that could change someone’s, if not many lives. Your confidence is going to cause you to do things you never dreamt or planned to do and it will inspire others to pursue their dreams and passion. That’s influence! Don’t worry how it looks like. Influence doesn’t always look glamorous or popular. But it sure looks beautiful when you see the many lives impacted when you choose to embrace your life and call. Live with confidence today!