My Ezer Story

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My boldness, my strength, my beauty

Hello. I’m Sherlina from Malaysia. Since young, I loved hiding myself away from people. I had this fear inside of me of what people were going to say about me, what they were going to think about me. I used to question myself if I was bold enough? Was I beautiful? Was I worth it? I got lost in the midst of comparing myself with everyone. Its common practice for the world to tell us to compare ourselves with the models, actresses, beauty pageant winners, oh you name it! This comparison went on until it affected me so badly.

I was introduced to the care group that was held by Shine Ministries. Little by little, I started to identify the truth about what God said about me, that "I AM AN EZER" and my whole perspective towards myself changed from then. I could see new things forming within me. My boldness, my strength, my beauty and definitely no more inferiority complex. I received a deeper and more meaningful truth about being an Ezer. Bit by bit, I started brushing up on the promises and the words God put inside of me.

And now, I'm a part of the HUB Conference and also the Ezer Tour where we go on tours to different places to visit people from different backgrounds and churches to empower them to know their strength and worth. I thank God for this amazing opportunity and will continue to strive for his kingdom.



Women. Girl. Lady.

For some reason, I have always viewed myself and the rest of the women in society as part of the marginal sector. For years, women had to fight to survive. I even reached to a point where I thought that the Bible is somewhat a misogynist for looking down at women. Sure, there was an Esther or a Deborah or a Mary or a Ruth, but I was influenced by the voices I hear everywhere. Little by little, I began to ask God - why not women?

That's the moment where He answered me with: EZER.

April 7, 2018. For all I knew, I was just going to be part of the organizers for a women’s gathering. But then, on the same day, there was a shift in the way I saw things. The way I view myself and the rest of the women. EZER - Strength. Beauty. Warrior.

For years, I have been living under the lie that women are supposed to be weak, because biologically, guys are actually stronger than girls. I had this misconception of the Word, but thankfully EZER was introduced to me. It not only talks about women empowerment, but it actually showed me my worth and value that is found in Christ. It has enlarged my desire to go and tell every woman how they are so much loved by the One that created the universe. Today, I feel empowered, not because of society, but because of His words and promises that has strengthened me. His Word saying “I AM EZER.” And I will continue to rise up, to be strength and a Warrior.

Jedidiah Faith Brufal


I was an Introvert

Hi! My name is Andrea and I hail from the southern city in the Philippines, Davao. I was an introverted girl who just wanted to pass by and get by without much hustle and bustle and didn’t want much interaction. Fate brought me to Danao. I believe it was God's plan. For 8 years, I was just passing my days without a definite goal in mind. I just wanted to get by.

But God's plan for me was different. In 2012, I came to know Him and started a relationship with Him. My life drastically changed then. I was introduced into discipleship and had disciples of my own. All throughout those times, even though trained and taught, I struggled in keeping up with different personalities. Disciples come and go and it brought guilt upon me when they left. I saw myself lacking and limited.

I thank God that on the first day of HUB Conference in April 7, 2018, the term Ezer was introduced to me. It was a fresh idea - more than an idea, it was a revelation. It gave me a new perspective, a wider understanding and I came to accept a deeper purpose of being a woman. That I am more than a helper. I am a warrior, a rescuer and a protector. I am a strength. There are people who need me. And I was created, called and saved for them.

With the Ezer Tour in August 2018, I received a deeper and more meaningful truth about being an Ezer. It reinforced my identity as an Ezer. I understood more and I am learning more up to present. I still have much room to improve and I am willing. I thank God for Pastor Priscilla for giving me the opportunity to co-ordinate Shine in Danao. By God's grace, I will do it and I know I can do it because I am an Ezer and as an Ezer, His power is at work in me.

I am in constant anticipation as to where God is bringing me. I know He is at work. There might be things we encounter every day that would make us doubt and rethink. But the truth doesn't change. I am an Ezer. I am created to be one. I have to be one. And by God's grace I can.



I learned to embrace myself

"It was because of curiosity that I got saved. Looking back, when I was a child there was this woman who kept coming to our place, teaching us Sunday school songs and she read stories which was interesting to
my ears because it was only through her that I heard those stories (I actually love it when someone reads stories to me) not knowing that she was reading or getting these stories from the bible.

Well, I grew up not reading the bible. For me, the bible was placed on the altar and we were not allowed to touch it. After every session of Vacation Bible School, my Aunt would scold me, telling me not to go there, saying that they are teaching about satan, that made me more curious because I never heard them teaching about satan, only Jesus.

That woman who kept coming to our place?
I was invited to stay at her place for a week and I never hesitated to say yes. There I received Jesus and was taught more about the bible. I decided to switch churches (catholic church to a real christian church), I was trained to do ministry.
I enjoyed my life so much that I never cared about the different trials that I faced.
But there is this one thing that I was struggling with, and that is “insecurity”. I disregarded that feeling, focused more on the joy, when I'm in the presence of God through serving. But I never thought that that insecurity would lead me to become lonely. Yeah I have friends but I’d rather write all my problems down than share it to my close friends. I always thought of it like this: better to be alone than having so many friends. Until ,fast forward, I met this group of women from Malaysia, curiosity struck again, so I said Yes to the invitation of things. I learned to embrace myself."

(Psamls 139:14) I learned to be bold
(2 Timothy 1:7) and I learned that I can be better with sisters who are there for me, of which our founder, never failed to show me. And learning those things I thank God that I was able to share it to other women.

As a woman, life is tough because tests and trials is always there, plus sometimes the enemy tries to remind me of my past and that I am nothing compared to other people but those are lies, because whenever God is going to do great things the enemy will do his best to pull us down and destroy God’s plan for us. I am EZER and no one can stop me from doing what God wants me to do for the expansion of His Kingdom."

- Quess

Cebu, Philippines



I am strength. I am `rescuer’. I am protector.

I am strength.

Tough, capable and unshakeable is the woman He designed me to be.

I am `rescuer’.

Discerning, sharp and sure is the woman He designed me to be.

I am protector.

Wise, strategic and safe is the woman He designed me to be.

All the characteristics above is WHO I AM and in fact, more. This is who Jesus sent me to earth as. As much as I can relate to being strong because women now are often identified as strong individuals, looking at myself as a rescuer and protector galvanized me. To that which were “supposed” to be men’s attributes, were also invested in me, being a female, by God?! Yes! That instinct of moving away from something that does not feel right, that thought of praying for someone somewhere when I feel nudged, that word of counsel that would come forth like a solution for someone and many other experiences, provide me with evidence and support as to why I’m also called a rescuer and protector as a female. It’s through this knowledge of knowing what Ezer is that I’ve realised I have been put in situations to “save” and “protect” myself and also others around me. It showed me more than just recognising these attributes physically. These are the investments made in me as Ezer by God but for lack of knowledge and insight, I could only operate in a limited manner and not sharpen those areas. So, understanding such truths have helped me stand firm and rooted to be who I am. It gives me a richer experience in my day-to-day life altogether. Just like you, I am also STRENGTH, RESCUER and PROTECTOR.



I found my anchor

I have always been a 'christian' my entire life, from attending church every Sunday, celebrating festivals such as Easter, Christmas and so on with family, conducting prayer sessions every single evening at home, yet I never knew God personally and experienced His love till the day I cried out to Him after challenges and disappointments started creeping into my life.

 Only at my lowest I found my anchor, Jesus. He drew me out of the sinking ship, He clothed me with His everlasting love, He watched over me with His loving eyes. One word. Faithful. God has been so faithful to me even when I let Him down unknowingly or knowingly, His grace is abundant and His mercy never runs out on me. He spoke into my being, saying I'm beautiful, strong and loved. I'm capable, strong, worth it, precious, His daughter. He took away all my self-doubt, my insecurities and replaced it with good things. He made everything new in His way and His time.

Everything I have lost in the past, I gained back. Everything that has once been a disappointment in my life, turns out to be a blessing in disguise. He taught me things about myself that I never knew about. I learnt about my identity in Christ, an EZER through Shine Ministries and it has changed the way I see myself. No longer a weak vessel, but a mighty one. A warrior. I AM EZER! My life is now filled with God's truth and not the lies of the enemy. I would stand and testify of His goodness till the end of my days.


Ipoh, Malaysia

My warrior story

For as long as I can remember, I had an inferior perspective of myself. 
I always thought I wasn't good enough, and that I would never be. I 
considered myself worthless. I was riddled with insecurities, which kept 
me down, they made me weak and powerless. I felt overwhelmed by my 
self-doubt and pain. 

As God (faithful as always) was pulling me out of the pit, I
realised that I was so much more than what I thought. 
God would teach me things I didn't know about myself. I came to know 
about 'ezer' through Shine Ministries and it was everything that I hoped and longed 
for. The message of Ezer and who we are as women empowered me, filled me 
with the warrior spirit. My whole life had changed. 
The truth about my identity in Christ rose me up to realise the reality 
of my life and who I am meant to be. I was always meant to be an Ezer. 
That's who I am. 

God opened my eyes to see that I am strong and capable for so much more. 
He rescued me from my pain, and showed me who I am. 
I AM EZER! The warrior. The rescuer. The protector. The strong one. 
Everything that God made me to be. 

I live my life now not filled with pain or the lies of the enemy. But 
with God's truth, I march forward to the future that God has in store 
for me. 

My younger self would be extremely proud of the Ezer I am today.

Tabitha D'Monte

Chennai, India