In 2016, Her Unseen Worth conference took off in a local church, gathering women of all ages to discover their worth, voice and influence. There were stories of peace flooding hearts, purpose becoming clear and passion increased for the Word.

In 2017, Shine Ministries team took this experience to the Philippines and to India, saw many experience freedom, healed and impacted (see HUB stories).

The vision and heart behind this conference is to create an atmosphere of open heaven where women can come together and have an encounter with God that will change them forever. We also want to see mothers, daughters, sisters come together, join hearts and hands to support each other as they walk in life together. We want to see women empowered through the messages in HUB that are spoken in a practical and inspiring way to help women grasp the Word.

If you are reading this and find yourself in a place of loneliness, let me encourage you to come to this conference. No one was designed to do life alone or to live in loneliness. We were created and designed for relationships and to BELONG somewhere. Here at HUB, it is our heart to see you connected and build friendships, motivated and strengthened to pursue your dreams.

In a world where everything is exclusive and competitive, we want to be inclusive. HUB is about including EVERY WOMAN from every background, race, colour and ethinicity. HUB is about creating tables where EVERYONE HAS A SEAT, everyone BELONGS in the conversation, everyone has something to offer and everyone is heard. Our heart at The Shine Project is to see YOU blessed and activated to live your life with purpose BECAUSE YOU CAN!