“The Sisters (refugees) that came along were so blessed by the Word and the time of ministry. I was so blessed during the time when the panellists answered a variation of questions ranging from life to death. Their honesty in sharing gives me hope to cry out to God. All things were made by HIM, for Him and through HIM. He holds our frames which is dust, in the palms of HIS HANDS & HEART.”

-Sheila  from HUB Malaysia 2018

“Before, I felt so shy showing myself around people because of my situation and my struggles. And all I wanted
was to stay alone in my room and just let people think that I’m okay even if I’m not. And still keep smiling in front of them because I didn’t know if they could understand me. And holding only onto to God, that there’s still hope in my life.

At the HUB conference 2018, I bowed down to God and surrendered all to Him and I felt His embrace knowing that He will still accept me and fix my broken heart. I realized at that time that I am not alone. I’m not the only one who has suffering and struggles in life. There’s still other people who suffer worse than what I have suffered. I WAS BLESSED with preaching. That woman was accepted completely like she has no blemish. Called by her name rather than her sins. In me, God has cleansed me and forgave my shortcoming.
God is so amazing. All of us saw how great God is in the lives of the staff and to us all. It is an amazing experience. It impacts my life in a way that I will always remember, that my story does not end yet. It is a new beginning for me. It’s a new beginning by God’s light, amazing grace and love and nothing is impossible.”

-Crezel Maika Castillon from HUB Philippines 2018

“My husband and I have been married for 3 years now but we could not conceive due to a cyst in my uterus. The doctor advised us that only if the cyst was removed, I could conceive. In September, I attended the HUB conference in India. During the altar call, Ps. Priscilla laid her hands on my womb and prayed for me. I left with joy and peace in my heart believing I was healed. The following week, my doctor told me the cyst had disappeared (without any treatment) and I could conceive now! I praise God for this miracle He has done for me through the power of the Holy Spirit and I believe that God will soon bless me with a child. Amen!”

Sangeetha from HUB India 2017

“I really did not know what to expect, I only knew that there will be a concert. My life as a Christian was somewhat of a spectator.

During the event, I was surprised and amazed about how many people came. I was so joyful in meeting new faces and becoming friends. As one, we praised and worshipped God with all our hearts and it was so uplifting.

I went home blessed and full of joy. I continue to pray for God to move so that more people will come to know Christ. I have become a doer from being a spectator. I thank God for the inspiration.”

-Dae Ann Besin from HUB Philippines 2018

“I lived my life as a believer in Christ yet my life felt void with no purpose. My early life was a constant struggle between who I was and who I wanted to be. There were times when I wondered if my very existence was an accident. The HUB conference was an eye opener to my spiritual eyes. I learnt that I was not an accident but was created intentionally with a beautiful plan and purpose. To be part of this wonderful team makes me feel alive and living. I believe that through TSP God will raise a generation of women who will know and understand their worth, voice and influence and will use them for God’s glory. Amen!”

Ziona from HUB India 2017

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