I sat down on the sofa, late one night, wondering if all I’m ever going to do with my life is clean, mop, laundry, dishes, warm bath for my babies, meal preps, doctor’s visits, etc. I didn’t sign up for this when I got married! What happened to the ‘happily ever after’ story line in the movies? As much as I love being a wife and mom, there are times when I long and yearn to know the purpose and call behind the chore. For many years, I did the mundane and unseen work as happily as I could, not fully understanding the ‘whys’ and purpose except that I was call to raise my children and be a godly wife.

Until I started discovering the purpose God made me, a woman, it was pretty much knowing that a woman is a helper. Like many others, I thought “helper” means assisting my husband, the man, being a help to him in the areas of being a wife and a mom, In Genesis, when God said that He would make a ‘helper’ comparable to him (man), God didn’t mean a domestic partner or a housewife. They did not have a house to clean and Eve did not have to prep any meals in the kitchen, or wash clothes for that matter! The word ‘helper’, if studied in Hebrew, comes out of the word ‘ezer’, a combination of two roots; get ready for the true meaning; -z-r, meaning “to rescue”, “to save” and g-z-r, meaning “to be strong”.


“Ezer” means “strength” or “power”. So if we replace the English word ‘helper’ with the Hebrew word “power or strength”, it says, “I will make a power (strength) comparable to him. Wow! You are not just a housewife or a mom. You are not weak. You are not just whatever people label you to be. You are strength to your man! You are a power to him! Raising your children is preparing future world changers. I know it gets overwhelming at times, but if you would sit and think about who God made you to be, the purpose in which you’ve been called to, you will soon see the ‘why’s’ and begin to understand that you are the missing piece to your man and your family is not complete without you! Your man needs you to be a strength and power to him, sometimes even “saving” him from the hand of the enemy through your prayers and intercession. Stop separating yourself from him when problems arise, be with him. Don’t run away or hide when it gets tough, stay with him and look at the storm in the eye. Fight, because God has made you a power and a strength! You need to be his “ezer”. You need to be his helper, meaning; his intercessor, his warrior princess, his strength, his defense, his shield; because that’s what the word “helper” means in the original Hebrew, as God called woman back in the day.

Rise up now, women of God. Rise up now, ezers! Take your rightful place in the home, in the church, in the community, in the world and don’t think you’re just a ‘helper’. You are an ‘ezer’. A powerful weapon in the hand of God.