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“The lessons and the topics are so relevant and really help me in daily life in improving myself and facing my challenges. I learn how to look to God first before anyone else.”

Esther (KL, Malaysia)

“Care Group helps me to know and understand more about life and God. It makes me happy and it is fun. It always teaches me how to deal with life and how to walk in freedom.”

Lisa (KL,Malaysia)

“I am happy to hear the Good News of God. Through this Care Group, I learn about the love of God and I want to continue to seek God. These lessons teach me on what journey I should go on and how to walk on that journey. It has taught me so much about God.”

Elaine (KL,Malaysia)

“This Care Group study on ‘Anchor’ really taught me how to take a break from everything and how important it is to let things pause for a moment. I know that we all need a break but I’m so used to the saying that life always goes on.
But,now I know why and how to anchor at times. I have made it my goal to ‘anchor myself’ atleast at the end of every month. To refill, refuel and rest.”

Veronica ( Ipoh, Malaysia)

“Today’s care group was so impactful. We already have the freedom and i want to stay in that! The 5 ‘safety nets’ in the study was helpful for people like me who are growing towards being the woman God has called me to be. It has opened up my mind and taught me how to also be practical in my walk with God!”

Sherlina (Ipoh,Malaysia)

“I am blessed because young girls in Care Group are experiencing different situations in their lives and they are very open to share it. We’ve shared our own experiences on how we handle it and we discovered that we need to let our past be in the past and we should not dwell on it. God has great plans for us.”

Josalyn (Danao City, Cebu)

“Shine helped me connect with other women who have gone through the same struggles as I have. It’s been a great experience!”

Shruti (Chennai,India)

“I look forward to care group, as it is where I get to touch base with my sisters and talk about the similar issues we all face,through the studies,which are so insightful and practical. I always feel refreshed and renewed after care group.”

Tabitha (Chennai,India)

“The Care Group attendees were students from a nearby school. So glad and amazed by the reaction of these young people while discussing the topic. They were so quiet and one was crying. I’m happy that they were comforted by the word of God.
To Him be the Glory forever.”

Ps. Marvic (Cebu, Philippines)

“Through the ‘Holding Close & Letting Go’ study, I learnt that it is possible to move forward after forgiving someone, while still protecting yourself from getting hurt again. It takes an evaluation of the relationship, setting boundaries, and finding true and lasting peace- peace that only Jesus can give. Peace with awareness and acceptance of what lesson God imparted to us through our experiences.
God can use the situation to strengthen us, and together with our friendship,relationship, or even in sharing the testimony of the experience we can reflect God’s glory and love. All we need to do is forgive and follow God, as He alone knows the outcome of every situation in our lives and knows what is best to grow us into the Christ-followers we are meant to be.”

Maricel Miro (Cebu, Philippines)

“Ever since I was 13, I had depression. Every time I thought I was getting better,my anxiety attacks would come in waves and then,i just couldn’t save myself from drowning. I was lost, it was so hard for me to talk about how I truly felt, especially at times when I just wanted to kill myself. I used to think about death a lot. I was afraid I’d feel that way for the rest of my life. But when I started to be a part of care group, I learned that no one can ever save me, not even myself, because only God can. Only God can pull me out of the oceans of sadness I was feeling and fill the emptiness I had always felt inside my heart. I used to be ashamed of myself and my past but in care group, I didn’t feel even the slightest shame of just spilling my soul to them. It’s actually true that when you feel like giving up, God will send people to help you out and make you believe that you can get through it. I realized that when you hit rock-bottom, that’s when you find yourself. I was at my lowest, I was lost, yet the care group family helped me find my way back home, in God’s arms. I am not afraid to face the voices inside my head, because I know those are just the lies of the enemy who only wants nothing but to drag me back to my old life. And every time I feel my depression and anxiety starting to eat me up again, all I do is rest in God’s love because He always gives me this assurance that He is right around the corner looking after me. When I feel like the whole world is against me, I always keep in mind that the creator of the universe is the same God I serve and who loves me with all His heart. I had always waited for the greatest plot twist in my life, I didn’t know it was here all along, God was just waiting for me to come home. One of the best things I learned here is that the key to have a good and victorious life is to put God at the center of your life, it just changes everything in the most beautiful way. Even after all the times I’ve failed and given up on Him, still God has never given up on me. This is the realest love I have ever felt my entire life and I couldn’t be more grateful.”

Gucci Trazzle Derecho (Cebu,Philippines)

Take a little sparkle with you” is what Shine Care Groups is all about. We want women to have a place where they belong and feel safe enough to share their life, not to be gossiped about or laughed at, but to be strengthened and upheld by other women, holding hands and providing a support network as they do life as mom, sister, daughter, wife, friend, etc. We have care groups that run every fortnightly in all our locations. To know more, contact us at


1. Can I start a care group?

Yes, you can start a care group in your area with your friends or family.


2. What do I need to know before I start a care group?

If you belong to a church, kindly get approval from your leaders to start a care group, email us the consent letter and you’re on your way to hosting your first care group!


3. What are the age category for this? 

We cater to women of all ages from as young as 10 to no limitations.


4. How do I obtain the care group study material?

The material will be sent to you via email.

TSP Short Course

Our short courses are designed and put together to help women gain a deeper understanding on the Word of God.

The courses have been eye opening and a blessing to many.

The courses are conducted by Ps. Priscilla Raj who studied Biblical Studies at Hillsong International Leadership College.

The course is taught in a practical and easy to understand way hence making it applicable and relevant to our daily lives. To know more, contact us at