I have been a mommy for 13 years now and it’s crazy to look at my firstborn now and think that I started on this journey 13 years ago with a tiny baby on my arms, not knowing so many things and feeling inadequate about my new role!


My first pregnancy was a blast and so much fun! I was active and enjoyed eating whatever I wanted, still didn’t fully understand the challenge ahead in terms of my own physiological changes plus role expansion. I felt ready and thought things would be easy! 


The first thing that shook me was that I had to go into an emergency C-section. I was ready for a normal delivery, I had watched videos, learned how to breathe, ran through everything with my husband, was brave and went into labour excitedly only to be taken into the operation room after 20 minutes of labour because my baby’s cord was stuck around his neck and things were getting dangerous as I was trying to push him out. 


The baby was out and everything was great but I wasn’t feeling like what I hoped I would due to the pain of the operation and it was difficult to move but I was determined to follow the plan I made to breastfeed my baby. It was a challenge at first but I persisted and breastfed my firstborn and it really helped me feel like I could still do what I set my mind and heart to despite the challenges and obstacles that cropped up. 


Looking back now 13 years later, I have learned that becoming a mommy was already a potential within me. For the last 13 years, so many things have taken place in my life. I moved cities twice, moved houses 5 times, had 2 other babies, changed jobs, started a ministry, raised a family while going through financial, marriage, physical and emotional challenges. In all of this, I realized that besides the Lord being my strength, His available supply of anointing on my life was what helped me do everything, overcome everything and still do it well. See, the anointing is not only for church or healing the sick or preaching. The anointing is an available resource for us to do life well. You can be a great mommy while working and also serving the community. You can be a great wife while being a great mom and an entrepreneur. You can be a great entrepreneur while being a great mom and friend to others. We are able to do all that God has called us to do and prepared for us to do by receiving His fresh supply of anointing daily. You need to go to the throne room of grace daily and ask for a fresh supply of anointing to carry you in all your roles. 


Don’t settle for mediocrity. Don’t believe the lie that you can’t do all well. Don’t drop the ball yet. Don’t throw in the towel just yet over that new business idea. Don’t cancel that plan. Don’t say no to new opportunities because of the limitations you place on yourself. You are who you think you are. If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you can’t. I’m declaring over your life right now that you are able to do ALL things through the anointing of Christ that gives you strength. Go for it, girl!