I don’t know if you have ever been through the ups and downs of life happening at the same but sometimes, there is an unexpected turn in life. We all know pretty much how to navigate the mountaintops. Celebrate! Then there are the valley seasons where we pray and believe but never give up. But what if you experience both at the same time? Some areas of your life are just booming and God is doing a new thing, it’s an exciting and unprecedented season but at the same time, there’s another part of your life where it’s not going so well, it was unplanned or unexpected and it came as a surprise knock on your door. How do you navigate that?

Growing up as a PK (pastor’s kid), we were never raised to give up. That’s a good thing. But then, I was also never raised to show signs of weakness or failure. It was not told or taught to me but that’s the impression I always got watching tons of pastors come and go, talk and do life. So I would never say anything when I’m sad, broken, going through a difficult time or feeling like a failure. I would mascarade it with scriptures and church. I would put a happy layer on top of the sad layer to cover up what I was actually feeling. That didn’t solve anything except made me to become a very good actress.

God took me through the deeper valleys where I could not find anyone I knew who had been there before. That’s when I had to learn how to navigate the journey. The mistake most people make (including me) when we go through mountains and valleys at the same time is to totally abandon the mountain journey and solely go through the valley. I would not do that again because to climb that mountain back up again is going to take more time and effort. We do not believe that God has designed us capable to go through both at the same time. We do not believe that we are able to navigate both well because we keep meditating on the facts the enemy throws at us rather than the truths God has given us. The facts might scream louder than the truth but we must make the choice to stand and walk in the truth of God’s promises for us in the season.

I am reminded of Queen Esther in the Bible where not long after becoming queen, she was faced with a life threatening plot. She had just become queen. She is enjoying the benefits and privilege that comes with that position and title. She is getting accustomed of being on the mountain when she is slapped with the brutal fact of her people being annihilated. Imagine her horror! She now has a choice whether to leave her mountain journey and totally go into the valley to mourn and accept the fate of what’s coming to her and her people OR to continue staying on the mountain while navigating the valley. Let’s look at her response.

1. Acknowledged the situation

Many people prefer to live in denial than acknowledge the situation. We cannot deny the facts but we must have faith for God to change the facts because He is able! So acknowledge your situation. Acknowledge the facts. Dont brush it under the carpet or say it’s not there.

2. Be sad and grieve

Don’t brush off the emotions. Cry. Sob. Do whatever you must to get it out of your system for our tears were also made by the Creator. In fact, He collects them in a bottle so it’s not wasted. Because He has a plan to make all things work together for good.

3. Summon for help and pray

She used her place in the mountain to summon help and get into the presence of God. She knew that the deliverance would come from Him. She prayed for wisdom. She prayed for instruction. She did not stop being queen. She didn’t quit on her job. She didn’t take a step back from her duties. This is the part where most of us stumble. We leave everything and go into hiding. It’s time we realize we are queens and princesses in the kingdom and that while we are enjoying the mountain experience, there are people in the kingdom who are in the valley and if we don’t do something, we might end up in trouble, too.

4. Fast if you must.

 She did not hesitate to call for a national fast. She was doing everything in her power to get God’s deliverance from the valley while putting all her hope in His power. We must do everything in our power. Make that call and apologise. Ask for forgiveness. Get that gift. Cook that meal. Wash that feet. Then put all your hope in His power.

Come down from our high horses. Walk with those in the valley. Dont just cry and do nothing. God will rescue you. It’s in His nature to rescue. It’s in His nature to protect. He will come through for you in the valley and help you. Whatever you do, do not give up. Do not quit the job. Do not give up on the marriage. Do not send the children away. Do not leave the church. Do not stop the ministry. Do not drop the ball. Ask and He will answer. Seek and you will find. Knock and it will be opened for you. Do you dare take His Word and stand?



“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.  For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.
Matthew 7: 7-8 (NKJV)