“I remember when I was 10 years old I used to love reading the Bible everyday, I used to pray asking God to bless me with his gifts.

My goal in life then was to be a missionary and I had my life sorted. Sadly in my teens life took a detour, I happened to be extremely innocent nice but also naive. My life took an unexpected turn and I definitely did not live up to the standards I had set when I was 10 years old. I even felt that a lot of injustice had happened to me and there was nothing I could do about my outcome. I began to feel God abandoned me and that lead to me being a Sunday believer.

But in 2017 when I looked back and thought of the dreams I had as a child, I realised I’ve come so far away from him and missed hearing his voice. The first thing God wanted me to do was change my circle of friends but I found it so hard considering my friends had been for me in my lowest state. But I also realised they weren’t the best influence as their advices weren’t always the most permanent or best for me.

I was scared of having Christians friends because I’ve had bad experiences of being judged and hurt before. Sometimes people just assume a lot from the outside appearance. I got to know SHINE MINISTRIES via Instagram and I was more than happy to open my house to them. I’ve made true friends. Before I had friends to have fun with but I always felt lonely even when I was with them. But today TSP feels like family, like a sisterhood. I’ve never really had so many girl pals but I could call these girls at any time and tell them what I’m going through and they give me a quick prayer. Sometimes I call them randomly when I’m low and depressed and we just chill out and talk or meet up for a movie!

Having Christians friends also means having the right Godly advice. It’s like now I have my home team to run to! They also encourage me to get closer to God when I slide back in my spiritual life. The shine project is the best thing to have happened this year. I’m not perfect yet but I’m on the right path working towards it and I’m grateful”

Rochelle Stephen

Chennai, India

“The Sisters (refugees) that came along were so blessed by the Word and the time of ministry. I was so blessed during the time when the panellists answered a variation of questions ranging from life to death. Their honesty in sharing gives me hope to cry out to God. All things were made by HIM, for Him and through HIM. He holds our frames which is dust, in the palms of HIS HANDS & HEART.” Sheila


“I was encouraged to never give up even in the darkest situation in my life and to not allow the devil to ruin my life, family, job and ministry.” I once was lost. Everything was ruined but God picked me up in a very tough situation. I accepted the pruning of my life. God changed me in the area of HUMILITY because I used to boast about myself and not God. And in this session, I learned not to control my kids my way but in God’s way. I am excited about everything that God has prepared for me”. Cherry Panares

Danao City, Cebu, Philippines

I always desired to know more about my identity as a woman. I know more about God’s purpose and intention that He has for my life.
I learnt a lot about Ezer! I know what I can do,and it helped me a lot to be a leader,that would be able to encourage sisters in any group.


” I am very thankful and blessed to be part of this session.
I was encouraged in the way that God was reminding me of what I can do as an Ezer, that I myself am strong enough to deal with situations and I don’t need to worry about the things that try to pull me down because I can rescue myself by the grace of God. I am a rescuer not just for myself but also for others.

I always ask myself why am I different from the others. I want to be like them but I am not. Now God is telling me through this session that I have my own worth and capacity,I can be what God wants me to be,this session is the answer to all my questions.” Rejean Salise

Danao City, Cebu, Philippines