I wasn’t someone who loved referring to Bible stories for life’s situations or even go to it for help. I grew up in a religious home and the Bible was part of our daily reading but that’s where it ended, just a read. I loved reading since I was young but I couldn’t understand the Bible so I only read it when I had to, as part of our family devotion. That’s just like many other things I did not understand about life when I was younger. Things like why my parents took this whole ‘going to church’, ‘reading your Bible’ and ‘praying’ thing so seriously as if your life depended on it. Things like why they had to be serious about everything like budgeting and spending, how I spent my time, the choices that I made. I just couldn’t wrap my little head around it until I grew up, of course. Life’s experiences and the journey just have a way of teaching us a thing or two, and as I grew up and began to step into adulthood, I realized that I had to be serious about a few things too. Things like budgeting and spending.

I began to realize that for a lot of things in this world, not many people could help me. I began to realize that I needed something, something that was not of this world, to help me understand and live life in a way that I could walk with my head held high and run the race that was set before me. Thank God for my grounding and foundation in the faith and in the Word as a child, I began to reach out to my Bible for some answers, for some help. The stories that I read as a naive child that seemed so distant and just a story, began to show me how my life and I are very much similar to it. I began to see myself in the Biblical characters written about. I began to see the resemblance of my life written in it, like as if God knew. I began to not just read but to become dependent on it. I began to rely on it, for some wisdom, counsel, and guidance. I felt comforted by it. I felt God speaking to me through it.

So I began to pour out my frustrations in the Word, reading real-life stories of people to see what they did, what God did for them and believing that God could do something out of this world for me too. My frustrations turned to the pages of Naomi and Ruth. Here she was, a very frustrated, tired and grief-stricken woman, who had sentenced herself to death by changing her name to ‘Mara’ (bitter). She had lost everything. All she had left was her frail body. She shut everyone out of her life, naming herself Bitter so that no one dared come near her. However, there was still one person she could not seem to shut out. Ruth, her beautiful daughter in law. She didn’t understand why Ruth would want to continue living with a bitter old woman. She had nothing to give, nothing to offer. Yet Ruth remained. While Naomi believed that everything was lost, Ruth believed that there is still something to gain. She wasn’t going to leave when Naomi had already lost everything. Take a look at your life right now. Maybe you’ve lost everything. Maybe you’ve given up. Maybe you’ve sentenced yourself to death. Maybe you’re frustrated, even with God. Why the God whom your whole family worshipped and believed in forsook you? Why did He leave you with nothing? Why did He take everything from you? Before you jump off that cliff for good, just take one more look around you. Is there a Ruth? Is there someone, something, one job, one certificate, one car, just one thing that is still with you? If so, then God is not finished with your story yet.

What or who is left in your life right now? Even after a tragedy, after losing, after a failure, after death, there is a Ruth with you. If you look deeper, you will see your Ruth. You will see that one person or one thing that is still standing right there with you, through all your loss and tragedy. That’s how good God is to us. He never leaves us nor forsake us. He is faithful to make sure that there is enough for us to start over with. You might feel like you’re sinking into a hole of bitterness yet God is covering you with His love. Let your Ruth go with you. Allow God to use that one thing or one person that is still with you to start your life over. That’s what He’s best at. He creates a new thing out of chaos and utter destruction. So look around you today, find hope in what is left by your side. You never know, there might be a royal blessing down the road.